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Tokyo Kawaii TV - Remake
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Date :18 July 2008

This episode focuses on

Tags: tokyo kawaii
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This episode looks at "street snap" where photos are snapped of everyday street fashion worn by mostly everyday guys and gals. Maruione has a photo blog of street snaps.

This episode looks at fashion related shops and their sales clerks

This episode looks at Fall hair and make-up coaching

This episode looks at the latest in nail art.

This episode focuses on the fashion unveiled at Tokyo Girls Collection 2008 Autumn & Winter show held at Yoyogi National Stadium.

The focus of this episode are foreign visitors in Shibuya and Harajuku as well as a trip to Hong Kong where Tokyo Kawaii TV is now being shown.

ゴスロリ— (Goth Loli) - This episode looks at the Gothic Lolita sub-culture and fashion

盛りの達人 - Mori = serving and Tatsujin = master, expert. This episode looks at those who are experts at serving up large amounts of hair, make up, keitai accessories, nails, and other fashion statements. A couple of makeovers are also featured.

お菓子モチーフ最新 - Okashi Motif or sweets motif are items (jewelry, keyholders, keitai straps) that look like sweets. These motif are also used as patterns on bags or clothes.

This episode focuses on

This episode looks at

This episode focuses on cute footwear

This episode looks at kawaii interior and room furnishings

This episode looks at nail art

This episode looks at "himegyaru" fashion

This episode looks at hair salons and hair styles

This episode looks at kawaii fashion in general

This episode looks at make-up. Includes a makeover segment.

This episode looks at girls keitai (deco style)

 Videos in "Tokyo Kawaii TV" category 
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