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Jul 23 2008

Virtual Japan Tour

Written by Nippon Sekai   
Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Just a week and a half ago, Google in partnership with JNTO unveiled a new Japan Tourism layer in Google Earth.

Dubbed unofficially with titles such as "Virtual Yokoso Japan" and "Tour Japan in 10 Minutes", the layer can be found under Gallery > Travel and Tourism > Japan Tourism. Once enabled, placemarks will appear as you zoom in over Japan with information on popular tourism sites. More detailed information (including downloadable PDF brochures) is linked to pages on JNTO's website which will be loaded in your default web browser. This is a really useful resource for travel related planning and it provides an easy way to preview where these tourist attractions are for those unfamiliar with the locations.

Similarly, if you also enable, another layer will also appear which has still images taken from available webcams within the last 15 minutes to an hour (the camera locations on the map aren't exactly accurate in terms of where they are physically located). Webcams are another extremely useful tool once you are traveling since they provide valuable weather related information.

Note: I plan to eliminate most of the Google area maps (in the Maps of Japan section) that was in the process of being developed since it would be a duplicative effort


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