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Jul 10 2011

NHK Special - Japan's Nuclear Crisis, Part 2

Written by Nippon Sekai   
Sunday, 10 July 2011
This is the 2nd part of a nuclear crisis documentary by NHK, where the impact of radiation contamination is found to be growing.

4 months after the March 11th quake and tsunami, researchers and scientists now have a far clearer picture of the events surrounding the Dai-ichi nuclear power plant and the amounts of radioactivity released into the environment.  As noted in part 1, officials severely underestimated the crisis at the power plant and were essentially complicit in their failure to act in a more decisive and urgent manner.  Furthermore, the reported amounts and spread of radioactive fallout were also underestimated.

Scientists are now beginning to understand how radioactive contamination spread after they were released from the power plant and the picture is not proving to be pretty.  Further monitoring is uncovering radioactive hotspots throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area.  This special documentary looks further into the growing impact of radiation from the Dai-ichi nuclear power plant by starting out from the areas adjacent to the crippled power plant, then out to a 100km (62 miles) radius, and then areas beyond where some of these hotspots have been found.

This 50 minute video is split into 4 parts and hosted on Dailymotion (so you'll need to put up with the advertisements automatically displayed) since this video is blocked on YouTube.

Editorial note:  I've been critical of NHK in the past for essentially being a mouthpiece of the government (since they are Japan's public braodcaster) where they essentially "towed the line".  After the events of March 11th, there has been a growing critical tone in some of NHK's reporting surrounding the nuclear crisis; something which is quite evident in this special documentary.

nipponsekai (2011-08-12 05:36:00)

Short personal editorial (I'm linking this here just so that people have an idea of where I'm coming from regarding the nuclear crisis in Japan; I've posted very short op-ed's on some of those news reports here which lacked any sort of details so as to not editorialize everything).

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