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With the passing of the 2nd year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we will continue to present a series of video documentaries covering the disaster and ongoing recovery efforts in the Tohoku region.
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The Kamaishi Miracle
On March 11, 2011, the city of Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture was stricken by an enormous tsunami. The great majority of the 3,000 primary and middle school students managed to survive by fleeing to safety.
TOMORROW beyond 3.11 - Jake Shimabukuro
"My Fukushima Home" - The Japanese American ukulele virtuoso from Hawaii, meets evacuees from the radiation-contaminated town of Futaba living at a school far from their home town.
Forward #17 - On Edge At Home
For 35 years, Shima Company has refined its technology for recycling motor vehicles.  But the nuclear crisis in Fukushima has put the company in dire straits.
NHK Special - MEGAQUAKE II (Part 2 of 3)
Part 2: The Linked Mechanisms of Mega-Tsunami.
NHK Special - MEGAQUAKE II (Part 1 of 3)
Part 1: Major upheaval of Japan brought on by the magnitude 9 earthquake.
NHK Special - Coming Together - A Shopping Street Reborn
One year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, reconstruction initiatives are underway.
Forward #16 - Never Forget 3.11 - A Photo Book of Encouragement and Gratitude
28 high schools across the country undertook a project to try to restore some smiles after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Forward #15 - Overcoming the Disaster - Tohoku Shinkansen
27 Shinkansen bullet trains were running on the Tohoku line when the earthquake hit on March 11th.
Forward #14 - Devoted to Care
This episode follows a caregiver and a nurse from abroad who had been working in Japan before the March 11th disaster.
NHK Special - The Battle at Minamisanriku Town Hall - The Long Road to Recovery
This documentary covers the struggles that surviving officials of Minamisanriku face in rebuilding their heavily devastated town.
Forward #12 - Timeless Ties
After the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, some 1,800 residents who evacuated from the area, moved to Sapporo due to strong historical ties between the two areas.
Forward #13 - Bonds Beyond Borders
This episode focuses on a Kuwaiti man living in Kesennuma, and his efforts to help rebuild his adopted hometown.
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3-year-old boy dies after being thrown against wall by mother
Man who dismembered mother goes on trial
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Anti-disaster sirens left unused in Hiroshima
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